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    Data of type chemistry measured on La Loire basin within the framework of the VAL D'ORLEANS observatory, that is part of the KARST observatory network. The KARST observatory network aims to strengthen knowledge-sharing and to promote cross-disciplinary research on karst systems, in the framework of the OZCAR Critical Zone network Research Infrastructure. Data consist in 39 time series on 2 station(s). The measured parameters are: Ammonium (mg/L), Bicarbonate (mg/L), Calcium (Ca) - Major ion (mg/L), Chlorine (Cl) (mg/L), Conductivity (µS/cm), Delta-H-2 (‰ SMOW), Delta-O-18 (‰ SMOW), Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) (mg/L), Dissolved oxygen (mg/L), Magnesium (Mg) - Major ion (mg/L), Nitrate (mg/L), Nitrite (mg/L), pH (units), Potassium (K) - Major ion (mg/L), Silica (SiO2) (mg/L), Sodium (Na) - Major ion (mg/L), Sulfate (mg/L), Suspended solids (mg/L), Turbidity (NTU), Water temperature (°C). Measurements start on 05-10-1979 and end on 28-02-2021